Core Values


Every business should have core values to serve as guideposts for executing its business model.  Emerge is no different.  Its commitment to high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective legal representation stem from three deeply held beliefs: 

  1. Communicate with the client.  An attorney who poorly communicates costs his or her clients money.  Emerge is in the business of saving its clients money, and accordingly places a high premium on (i) communicating effectively and (ii) communicating often during the engagement.

    Communicate effectively.  Effective communication begins at the first interaction.  An attorney’s job is to understand the needs of the client.  The failure to ask the right questions, or to listen to what the client is saying, is a major criticism of attorneys.  Emerge knows what to ask and pays attention to its clients.  Clients have business problems, and Emerge has business answers.  Imagine these problems and answers are separate circles.  Emerge finds a way to overlap these circles such that the intersection of circles yields maximum value.  This dedication to communication ensures that the professionals are always “on the same page” with the client. 

    Communicate often.  If a customer of a small business calls, the market demands that the call is either answered or returned promptly.  This is how attorneys should treat their clients’ inquiries.  Emerge takes pride in, and even pledges, to answer the phone or return calls/emails as soon as possible.  In addition, Emerge pledges to regularly provide status updates to make sure clients know about progress or developments in their matters.  Emerge clients are simply never “in the dark” about what steps their lawyers and adversaries are taking.  

  2. Deliver “big firm” representation at boutique firm prices.  The professionals at Emerge all came from large, full-service law firms.  These law firms provided sophisticated and high-quality services, but inherently had high expenses.  These high expenses are inevitably passed along to the client.  The professionals at Emerge enjoy a unique position.  They have worked on highly complex matters in large firms, and are in a position to provide the same representation on complex matters.  The difference is that the representation comes at a fraction of the cost to the client.  Emerge prides itself on providing competitive rates and efficient representation without a concern of ever being “out-lawyered” or “out-resourced” by its adversaries.
  3. Be an industry leader.  By design, Emerge is not a full-service law firm.  Instead, it has mastered the areas in which it practices:  dispute resolution, business litigation, and bankruptcy.  This approach has enabled Emerge to (i) make relationships within these practice areas that it simply could not otherwise do, (ii) perfect its skills through immersed exposure in these areas, and (iii) become extremely efficient because it has “been there, done that” so many times over the years.

The philosophy and Core Values of Emerge are the bedrock for its success.  Every day is a new opportunity for Emerge to incorporate the firm’s philosophy and core values into the practice of law.

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