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   History proves that if business was transacted or a contract was signed, then a dispute can arise.  The range of disputes is endless.  It could be as simple as disputing the validity of a noncompete clause in an employment agreement, interpreting key provisions of operating agreement, or negotiating a payment dispute in connection with services provided.  Or the stakes could be higher, such as when a client’s business or home is threatened after a loan, credit facility, or other lending obligation has matured.  Regardless of the dispute, the parties involved should be in agreement that it’s preferable to avoid the legal system to resolve the dispute.

   Emerge has significant experience in all types of dispute resolutions and workouts, to specifically include all types of loans and lending agreements, credit facilities, and banking transactions. Emerge prides itself on maintaining professional relationships with banking institutions to obtain the best terms possible.  The approach evaluates the needs of the client, the finances of the client, the law, and business realities of the situation.  This information is then used to leverage the best possible outcome for the client.

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